Motorist charged after running over self


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But where is Fairfax County?

ETA the googles say Virginia. So not the antics of Florida Man.



Witness the rise of Virginia Man!


This story would have been better if it had the “with a sword” modifier.




Are you implying Mr. Bonsu was ‘on the reefer’? :laughing:


I cannot not post this link on a topic such as this :slight_smile:


A joke I remember from my youth:
Did you hear about the man who ran over himself?
He couldn’t find anyone who’d go to the store for him, so he ran over himself.


And the police was “Hey, beating you up is our job!”
(it’s fortunate the cops had a camera this time)



Came here to make sure this was posted. Thank you for your service.


The post says… “Guys, remember to engage the parking brake when leaping out of a stolen vehicle in motion.”

Where does it say that the car was stolen?


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