Motorist decides not to proceed through tunnel

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When during driving, you decide you want to correct your navigation error by endangering your life and the life of multiple other people instead of just driving a bit extra, looping back and wasting some time, you should not be allowed on the road again.


Yeah, that’s a “give up your card, you’re banned” kind of a thing.




I hated shit like this when Bob Saget was doing it. But to be fair, his stuff was more stupid. I also think Tosh.0 should die horribly in any one of the things he presents.

Edit to add: How do I know? Can’t escape the fucking ads.


Even though i knew up front what the motorist was going to do that was still rather shocking to see how dangerous that was. Who the hell does that?


No worries. This has happened in Slovakia where I am from and we get better “specimen” of human stupidity than this.

These two gentlemen have decided to stop in the tunnel to take a selfie (could have well been the same tunnel - we don’t have that many of them):

Another fellow has made us internationally famous with this video:

He claimed he was “freeing the road for the ambulance that recorded this because he has faster car” - including flipping the ambulance driver off at the end. Ended up with 18 month suspended prison sentence and being banned for 9 years but I think the appeal is still pending.

Stuff like getting brake checked if you are deemed to have forced someone “more important” than you to slow down, dangerous overtaking (like this guy I have met few years ago:
ipernity: Nebezpecny magor - by Jan Ciger), overtaking from the right (we drive on the right), complete ignorance of any speed limits - all completely normal stuff I meet every single time I drive back at home.

Sadly, arrogant and outright dangerous drivers are very common on Slovak roads. Add a dose of stupidity and someone dies :frowning:


do they get points for using a turn signal at the very end?


Boy those are some real doozies too. Don’t feel too bad about Slovakia, Venezuela is quite infamous for having very… unpredictable drivers. It’s common to hit a red light and have people drive past it like it’s a green light. Traffic laws are more like suggestions.


Speed this up some and you have a new NOPE gif.

Also, lucky he/she didn’t cause a major accident.


I think that it’s similar for the whole region. I’ve seen lots of stuff like that here in Poland, and actually on the few times I was in Slovakia, the drivers generally seemed less aggressive :slight_smile:
One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that you have LOTS of police patrol cars on the roads, especially compared to Poland.

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Plus Yakkity Sax.


Most dangerous stuff that occurs on the road seems to happen because somebody refuses to admit they missed their exit. Rather than go the long way around they think “I can fix this.”


“I’m not gonna fall for that one again!”



Some really panic when they realize they’re about to miss their turn or exit, i’ve seen some people blindly do hard turns across multiple lanes on a highway. I don’t understand, it’s not that big of a deal.

Well… i guess depends on where you live. When my parents lived in Louisiana they had to take a super long bridge to leave their neighborhood, if you missed the turn the detour could cost you an hour or more because the next exit off the bridge wasn’t for miles. Still, always be safe and take the next exit.


In France on the toll roads we once missed a exit and wasted 3 hours. Still, it’s your error, you suck it up. When the choice is between risking lives and wasting a few minutes that’s a easy choice.


Absolutely, i wouldn’t dare back up into incoming traffic to fix a missed turn even if it cost me 3 hours. Ideally a return ramp should’ve been designed for mistakes like that if its going to cost someone a huge chunk of time to get back. But yeah, always take the safe route.

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A low point in my marriage happened last Spring when my navigator (who reads Greek) missed our exit in the Greek city of Patra, and we ended up going through a toll and 20km down the highway, mostly in a tunnel, before we could exit. The entire time the fuel gauge was below E.

Times when silence is the only option that isn’t going to end badly.


I did this myself when driving home a few months ago. I was taking a highway from a part of town i typically avoid and i ended up stuck in the express lane which had no exit for miles and my fuel gauge was slowly going down past E and i had zero clue where the next gas station was at. Very stressful indeed though i found a place thankfully. I presume you two made it to a gas station in time?

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Did your navigator happen to also be your spouse? If not your post maybe got a bit more weird.