Mounties used Stingrays to secretly surveil millions of Canadians for years


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Stingrays are a notorious nexus of secrecy:

Now that got my attention.


They seem to use other kinds of bass too :


I knew it! I knew stingrays lived in more topical climates and it was unusual to see them swimming around in Canada, but no one believed me!


So, do we know how much crime-solving or prevention this mighty, rights-stomping effort contributed to? If the notes weren’t standardised, then other record-keeping and quality-control measures may have been similarly threadbare, which has the convenient result that they can claim all sorts of benefits without anybody being able to prove them wrong.


Oh your southern neighbors have perfected this technique: “If you only knew how many terrorists we caught just in time! Of course we can’t tell you, that would reveal secrets, but trust us, it’s a lot!”


How many years? Were these years Harper years? because this kind of madness is kind of a given for that period…


And they killed Steve Irwin too!


Everything is known.


Surely they could use less conspicuous cars.


Careful analysis of the date revealed that the most used letters in Canadian are “e” and “h”.


“Anything can happen in the next half hour!”


It’s the polite way to spy on people.



As much as I liked Due South, and have an ambivalent admiration for Mounties in general, I hope they all had their nuts fried by microwaves.


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