Move over fat pants, Stove Top has fancy stuffing-inspired stuff for this Thanksgiving

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in case this makes you contemplate picking up a box: don’t give in! (that’s exactly what they want you to do)

Reminder that the hardest part of making dressing is sauteing some tasty things and ripping/drying bread - both great ways for younger or less-experienced folks get involved and more comfortable in the kitchen. (plus you can make it way more tasty and even healthier if that’s your jam)


Stove top is really not very good as far as stuffing goes, but will do in a pinch.

That being said, I would so buy and wear a $30 red velvet dinner/smoking jacket…


By adding not much more, you could go as Hugh Hefner next Halloween! You wouldn’t even need socks!


My wife may get a little upset if I find a few synthetic and enhanced blondes 20 years younger than me to hang out with though…


The only problem is the way stuff is shipping right now you wouldn’t be able to show it off until 2021. Also is Red Velvet Cake considered a traditional Thanksgiving dessert?

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