Stove Top stuffing-branded fat pants are already sold out


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Stove Top stuffing

Stuffing in name only.


How did I miss out on this sweet deal?


“Just a waffer theen mint?”


I go through the entire material therapy breakdown including excitement click-throughing, missing out anxiety, depression of no have the widget, followed up with the acceptance that it is ok I did not get the widget … I go through that entire thing these days in like 10 seconds.


First world solution for a first world problem.


The notion of “stuffing” that does not actually come from inside a turkey is pretty odd, since the dish was invented specifically to make use of that hollowed out space where the entrails were. Instant stuffing is just bread crumbs and chicken broth (and I suppose some spices/dried onions/etc.) If someone served “bread soaked in chicken broth” we’d think they were weirdos.


Think of it as savory bread pudding.

I saw the thumbnail image and honestly, my first thought was “well, I DO eat a lot of stuffing.”


Next: Betty Crocker Muffin Tops


Ummm…you guys know you can put stove-top stuffing into any bird cavity you want right? Not knocking making stuffing from artisan baked handmade breadcrumbs (which I have done many times) but Stove Top Stuffing is friggin’ delicious. (In the same way much fast food is delicious). Just saying you can indeed stuff it.


That’s an astonishingly backward view, especially amidst the current nationwide discussion about consent.


In my honest opinion, Mr. Creosote doesn’t get applied as a meme nearly enough. In fact, in both exploded and unexploded forms, he is more relevant than ever.


It’s like maternity wear for your food baby


It’s not like maternity wear for your food baby, it is maternity wear for your food baby. :wink:


I made pork chops like these last night…
I did, however, make the stuffing from scratch. :slight_smile:

It does satisfy a certain craving, nom. :smile:


Let’s not forget MSG, of which there is more in each serving than parsley or “spice”.


“In this time, the most precious substance in the Universe is the spice MSG. The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel.”


Watch and weep? That was fantastic!


I will admit to making myself just a large serving of Stove Top for dinner when I’m lazy or broke.

Also I would like a link to that pork chop recipe.


Haven’t we all?

Looking at the recipe this is just like mom’s cooking way back when. Almost everything mother cooked got the Campbell’s Cream of whatever treatment!


I might have to sub something for the soup if I can’t find the gluten-free cream of mushroom soup. Cream soups are the worst for celiacs. They all have flour!