Mr. T as a snowflake is Brandon Bird's new 'T-mas' card design

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Man I loved Mr. T as a kid. Him and the whole A-Team!

“I love it when a plan comes together.”



[ETA] Re-watching the A-Team with the kiddo was great… the last couple of seasons were kind of weak though. I kind of think the episode where Boy George randomly shows up to play in a small Texas town was sort of its jumping the shark moment.


Yeah in hindsight, a lot of 80s shows are cheezy, cheap production, and formulaic. And unrealistic. Has the A-Team ever shot anyone ever? (To be fair, they used the Ruger Mini-14 which is notorious for being not very accurate.) Or the one shot knock out of a bad buy sentry, and the poorly choreographed fist fights.

But still, that can be fun. It should be a Maker favorite, right up there with MacGuyver, as every episode had them making a tank out of a bath tub and some old steel drums with a catapult made from the parts of a windmill - or something like that :wink: I also loved Murdock because he was weird and crazy.


Of the 2, I’d pick the A-Team… MacGuyver is great, but it got rather samey after the second season or so. But Richard Dean Anderson is a national treasure…



I agree!

I probably remember more MacGuyver episodes, since I was older.

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Yeah, me too, but I watched more A-Team, honestly, than MacGuyver. I adored that show.

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Really? A person after my own heart, then.

Then I should share this with you: On the way home, I saw a black van that said - A-Team Window Cleaning. It had water drops where the bullet holes would be, and had the red stripe painted on the side.

Hold on - let me see if they have a website… oh they do, and they have a pic of a van.

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Welp, if you never need someone to clean your windows, I know who you plan to call!

That’s awesome!

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I just hope they don’t drive up and shoot the windows out… “Welp, all clean! Let’s go get some milk and cookies, BA!”

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But they’d miss, so no worries there at least!

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