MSNBC apologizes for live broadcast from inside San Bernadino shooter's home


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I think it’s great that they’re able to apologize while also excusing their own behavior.

Without review.
We were invited.
Not first.

All they need for Yahtzee is “a few bad apples.”


or #NotAllNewsMedia


Too fucking late for apologies, it’s in my brain now and everybody elses.


Something something closing the barn door after the horse something something


More of the bizarre psycho death parade. I am copyrighting that and buying the fucking domain names.


“In that case would it be OK if—” (fishes hand from wallet) “—ALEXANDER HAMILTON had a look around?”


So if I die of cancer in the hospital, it’s cool if my landlord uses a crow bar to open the front door and show the neighbors around and have a peek at my stuff?


Are they late with the rent? What next, Storage Wars: Terrorists Edition?


This just in:


Just enough time to plant Korans and scribble some Arabic on papers scattered about and hidden in shoeboxes in the closet…

  1. Yet another mass shooting at least partially inspired by corporate mass media frenzies.

  2. Yet another media frenzy.

  3. Repeat step one.

Perhaps it’s time to bring back charters for corporations. When a corporation no longer serves the public trust and is hazardous to communities, it loses its charter and is vanquished.


On top of the mouth-frothing-media, did anyone stop to think that the home they were about to enter was lived in by people who were discovered to have murdered numerous people and had purchased or hand-built IEDs?? Like, fucken booby-traps? They’re damned lucky the murderers didn’t leave explosives rigged inside the house.

But I guess if they did, at least there would’ve been a good media presence to capture the event.


I heard an NPR analyst talking about this on the way home. He said if he’d been there he would have gone in but would then take a cold walk and a hot shower because it would be a terrible thing to have done.

It’s frightening to me that a journalist speaking purely hypothetically about that situation admits that he’d do it and only feel bad about it afterwards.


oh! well then, ok – all good. carry on. as long as you’re sorry about it. /s


Dude we can’t even jail a killer cop. You think they would axe a corporation?


Thoughts and prayers with MSNBC’s legal office.

For the win!


That’s all they’re sorry about? Tramping through an active crime scene is just journalism as usual?

  • The news reports the other day said that Mrs. Shooter’s mother lives with them. Breaking in’s even more inappropriate.
  • There was lots of speculation that there might be bombs on the premises, and the news reporters apparently saw bomb-looking things. WTF were they thinking?
  • The police and bomb squad weren’t already there protecting the shooter’s home, which might have enough explosives to endanger the entire neighborhood? WTF were THEY thinking?
  • Dude, breaking and entering’s illegal even if you’re the press?

So much WTF


We, the people, did it before. If we stop acting as weaklings and start focusing on what we can do in solidarity instead of succumbing to apathy, fear and inaction - we, the people, can do it again.

It’s a fortitude thing.