MSNBC: "Trump is fixated on sham GOP audit in Arizona" and expects to be reinstalled as President this summer

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Even if Biden HAD won by fraud (and there’s obviously zero evidence to support that claim) there still isn’t any actual legal mechanism for “reinstating” Trump as President. It’s not like a court verdict that can be overturned on appeal.


They aren’t looking for a legal mechanism.


I am annoyed that his antics just amplify his voice, he just can’t stop now that he has found that crazy talk gets him the validation he so desperately craves.


MSNBC is not the interesting news site reporting this. The fact that National Review is reporting it is what is interesting.

The comment section of the NRO article is amusing, because it’s a bunch of people feeling betrayed by the author.


He’s trying to stir up shit in Pa. now.

And people like the Koch’s are helping to push this insanity forward.


They’re looking for any mechanism at all. There is no legal mechanism for “reinstating” a former president, they’re grasping at straws.

From what I’ve read the AZ audit is so haphazard and rife with partisanship that whatever count they come up with will still be open to question. If they argue it in front of the Supreme Court they will probably lose as well. But that doesn’t matter, as he said it’s as much about “ha ha, we told you” and they continue to believe THEIR version of reality, complete with reptilians and a deep state and everyone just biding their time until Trump takes power or dies.

The worst part of all this is the the GQP is looking at it as just one more possible move they can make in future elections.


Mastriano is a cancer on PA. And I’m seeing signs for him cropping up in the shade of the mouldering 45 yard signs that never came down.


As far as I can figure the only thing they could do in the event that they found proof of massive fraud would be to impeach and remove Biden and Harris, but even then Pelosi would be President until 2024.

So there’s really no point in bothering with an audit. The only plan that puts Trump back in power is the one that scraps any pretense of legality and lets Mike Flynn have his military coup.


Sure there is. . .


Technically, there is a way of reinstating a former president.
It’s called a “presidential election”, and requires the former president to get the majority of the electoral college votes [in the next election] in order to be reinstated.


well, it’s even worse than that really.

the point of the “audit” isn’t to pacify, it’s to incite. every factoid they produce gets trumpeted ( has that band instrument lost any creditability? fewer students willing to take it up? ) across right-wing media: bamboo based paper, missing votes, missing servers, people trying to shut the process down.

none of it’s real, but they don’t need real. they need news

it’s more like giving a baby sugar than giving a baby a bottle


There doesn’t have to be any connection to reality here for Trump. If the Arizona nonsense wasn’t going on, he’d make something up as the rationale for why he was going to be “reinstated”. Pathological narcissism just digs in deeper when confronted with unpleasant truths.




Huh. And yet not a peep about verifying the results in neighboring Ohio. I wonder why that could be? /s


ie distraction from their inept representatives and lack of any legislation taking place.


Well, I guess this summer is going to be “fun” as the Qidiots and associated Trumpers start causing problems in expectation of this happening/when it doesn’t happen.

That is the point of the audit, though - to justify whatever anti-democratic actions that happen afterwards, whether a coup or passing laws that prevent people from voting or allow Republicans to overturn democratic elections. They’re working hard to construct an alternate reality in which their acts have some justification.


Trump has no understanding or respect for laws or the government. He really has no idea how a finding by these sham recounts could result in his “reinstatement.” He is just as dumb as his fervent followers in that. But there ARE those in the GOP that support the “stolen election” narrative that will use any discrepancy between the actual vote counts and whatever numbers these “audits” come up with to change election laws to make it more difficult for their opponents to vote, and if THAT fails to deliver them victory, allow the state legislators to ignore the votes and appoint their own slate of electors. Laugh at Trump if you wish, he is laughable and that irritates him. But do NOT think that the process is a harmless irrelevancy. It is deadly serious. Democracy hangs in the balance.


Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere, but what is so special about August?
Is that when the fake audit is supposed to be completed?
Did Putin promise trump to mass some troops on the Alaskan border in August?
Is Qanon planning another attack against America in August?
Are trumps property taxes for marlago due in August?


Donald Trump has spent his entire life being denied absolutely nothing. The fact that Trump can’t just take the Presidency must be incomprehensible to him.