MSNBC's Brian Williams says goodbye with grim warning about the future of America

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“My biggest worry is for my country.”

Read you 5 x 5, adios mi compadre.


I don’t think his message does what he hopes it will, because he doesn’t name names. You can hear whatever you want to hear in a generic message like that.


If a beloved General/President’s warning about the military-industrial complex changed absolutely nothing, I can only imagine a newscaster’s opinion will sway very few of the targets. But it was good of him to say.


I think a lot of people of his generation think it’s classy and professional to not call people out and to trust people to use their heads to understand his meaning. Which is a contributor to how we got where we are today. Name them, shame them, root them out. There’s no more time for being polite and no reason to expect any kind of decency in exchange. They are scorpions.


sigh It looks like a warning, but he doesn’t actually give a warning now does he? It’s perfect. It looks like he’s very concerned, but it’s a madlib. You could put plug in marxist professors, or white supremacistt fascists in this, and it works equally well.

Gutless to the end.



Where is the national march for democracy announcement? We’re waiting.

But why, said the frog
lol, said the scorpion


Well, say names dude! Say Donald Trump, say MTG, say Rudoplh Giuliani, say Lauren Boebert, say Ted Cruz, say Matt Gaetz, say Tucker Carlson. Else, you are not saying anything, and you are just leaving the post.


Classy dude.

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Even he’s afraid to.


Um, excuse me, that is EXACTLY who/what they are.

Oh, F*************************CK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU, Brian Williams!

It is you and your ilk that contributed to where we are today with your, “No we have to give both sides equal air time!”

All you did was legitimize the assholes you decry as being a danger to America.

When a network showed an empty podium on Super Tuesday 2016 instead of showing Hillary Clinton speaking, YOU CAUSED THIS!

When your sh_t-stain collegue Les Moonves said, “T****p is bad for America but great for CBS” YOU CAUSED THIS!

When the New York-Mother-F*ckin’-Times ran a puff piece about some white supremisist making him out to me some nice, boy-next-door type, YOU CAUSED THIS!

Seriously, Brian, go f_ck yourself!

Also… your warning is so vague that it can also be used by the side you’re warning us about. They can watch this and say, “Look! Even Liberal-Media-Brian-Williams is warning us about the creeping doom of vaccines, climate-change fear-mongering, critical race theory, transgendered using the wrong bathrooms…”

Say what you fucking mean, Brian!!


He, like nearly all his peers, did far more than their fair share enabling the US to turn into a failed state — most recent examples of that is the inability to have a proper national response to a global pandemic and Republican destruction of the vote including the events of and related to 1/6.


I feel like this is meant as a recording for posterity so that future historians will include it on the list of indications of an impending civil war in the US.

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Weak tea! So weak it’s just hot water. If he really cared he would have called them all out long before this.

He’s complicit. He is part of what has created this United States that we live in. He’s as much at fault as Ted Cruz and his mad, power-hungry cronies. He’s been reinforced, pumped up, his George Washington University degree (that he denigrates) has given him something in his life that my public college education (that I don’t denigrate) has not.

Screw him. He is Ted Cruz. He is no different. He can’t escape his responsibility for making what the U.S. is today.


Thinking of this and key television journalist/sign off statements:

There may have been something good from Bill Moyers - he’s been pretty critical of attacks on media etc.



“Bad things are happening. I’m not gonna say what bad things, but we all know what I’m talking about.”

Do we, Brian? Do you? Because you said a lot without saying anything. Bye, I guess.


I will miss his snark, and look forward to seeing him in a bushy Letterman beard.

As a regular watcher oft the 11th Hour over the years, many (most?) of the above comments seem way off base.