MTG's new book is no "Magic: The Gathering" — it's a gathering of poor reviews

Seems like a coloring book with pictures of gazpacho and space lasers would have been more appropriate.


The biggest problem with this book is that it exists. It should not.


This headline needs work. Cringe.

If you had 1000 monkeys with 1000 typewriters you would eventually end up with multiple copies of this book.

Some of them would be typed too.


Hey, great minds! I said a similar thing about Tucker Carlson’s flop of a book:


When it comes to these kinds of right-wing politician books in general, the books themselves seem purely a vehicle for money laundering, not actually serious book-writing endeavors.

Yeah, but MTG and her fans aren’t literate fascists. They’re fascist tr0lls. Actually reading something goes against their who anti-intellectual ethos… and is rather beside the point because all them know she has nothing to say - she’s purely in congress to be disruptive and obnoxious, not to have actual thoughts, much less accomplish anything.


She also has a tweet begging Jimmy Kimmel to quit making fun of her hand have her on his show.

I wish he would take her up on that.


Drama Explode GIF by CBS

Yeah, I can’t imagine someone sending her an advance for this unless they have favors they want. Jokes on them that she doesn’t actually write legislation.

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