Mueller is investigating Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytica


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cough Bannon cough




It’s interesting that they are saying it took a pitch from Cambridge Analytica to this fellow Pascale to “bring them on” given the existing connections between Cambridge Analytica, the Mercers, Bannon, and Trump.


Poor Mueller must be so damn busy - there’s new things coming out every week for him to add to his investigation. I really do wonder how he manages it all.

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The whole campaign was up to its eyeballs with C.A. Kushner in particular was really proud about his role in bringing them on board.


Dear god, I hope this all leads to something meaningful happening, which ousts the current admin.

I’m so damn weary of this nonsense…


something meaningful happening, which ousts the current admin.

I also hope it has an even greater salutary effect. Getting rid of drumpf and his shitshow of clowns would be a good thing. Preventing anyone else from trying the same thing for a couple of generations would be a wonderful thing.



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I don’t know what’s more depressing: That our president is a criminal, or that he’s so fucking bad at being a criminal.

Trump makes a five-year-old with her hands covered in cookie crumbs standing next to a shattered cookie jar look like a strategic genius.


Can we get a two for one deal?

Because it turns out that CA have links to another dodgy administration.

(Serious props to Channel 4 news on their investigative journalism that lead to this story, It turns out he does know something after all.)


Most of the ones available from a cursory query are poor quality. ( I dislike using low-quality images and animations. Ditto ones that are misspelled.)

What; an official Rupaul album cover isn’t good enough for you?





Mercer’s, vomit, vomit, cough


Meanwhile, supposedly disgraced and suspended head of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, has just popped up as a director of another SCL tentacle called Emerdata Ltd. His codirectors are Jennifer and Rebekah Mercer.

Emerdata has the same address as Cambridge Analytica.

It is not registered as a data controller as required by the DPA 1998.

What’s going on at SCL?

The excellent Wendy Siegelman is worth following if you are on Twitter:


Heh I really like the graphic for this story. It’s creepy on a few levels, but mostly in the notion that Trump is really a puppet of our AI overlords. Which is perhaps one of the only hypotheses that sort of makes sense.


The surest way of that happening is continued participation of ticked-off progressives, particularly young people.

Conservatives have risen to power in states across the country by fielding candidates everywhere, and never taking a break. A deliberate, long-term plan to take over and get judges elected.

The long term goals for progressives should be overturning Citizens United and getting the Equal Rights Amendment ratified by enough states.

It will take time, effort, and cash. Over decades of time.

Start now.


The media spends a couple of days flooding us with the CA story, then we hear Mueller is investigating Trumps connection with them. What a huge coincidence?


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