Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating Steve Bannon, including his Cambridge Analytica activities


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They’re looking to determine “What Bannon might know about any contacts” that 2 Drumpf campaign advisers, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, had with the agents for the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Page was effectively an agent for Putin’s Russia himself. I think Mueller is holding off on dropping that anvil on his head as part of the investigation’s big reveal (alternately, Page may have flipped on the other rats).


Wasn’t it reassembled under a new name, and is still up to the same crap?

I guess this is one way that corporations are really like people. Some engage in criminal activities, grab a facelift before the cops catch up, and continue down the path of evil. Yay.


Every time I see a photo of Steve Bannon, I find myself wondering if he has a portrait of himself as a young and beautiful man hidden in his attic.



Yep - Emerdata:


Man it sucks when Trump breaks up with you.




I did not need to see that :nauseated_face:


I blurred it, just in case someone was easily queasy.


5 bucks says they wanna go after him for various other things so they can jack with Mueller’s investigation. And put it all on him if the indictments get closer to Trump.

No no see it was all this Stev Baenoon guy we’d never hear of before. Apparently he’s the devil!


Oh, wow! A Senate investigation!!

I’m on the edge of my seat, aquiver with anticipation.


Someone observed, before the election, that Bannon was working on the campaign at the same time he on the CA payroll; there’s supposed to be a cooling down period. A FEC violation . . . but the FEC is utterly useless these days. But those violations could get tacked on to whatever they drop on Bannon.

Oh . . . found this too:

To reuse part of a tweet from yesterday:

I hold out hope yet Bannon will someday be found comatose-drunk behind a dumpster, arm tenderly wrapped around a dead coyote.

@burllamb: The Senate intelligence committee seems to be a lot more serious about doing their job than the House committee. FWIW.


The company has officially been dismantled after a UK probe into its role in Brexit.

What’s that? You mean a private company/entity was dismantled by the government after the entity acted criminal?

You mean like Wall Street banks?

You mean like the Republican party?


They’ve been popping new companies like chaff, at the UK and American ends. It’d be interesting to do a bed check on those “laid-off” technical people to see where they are now.


The United States Senate Intelligence Committee

run by republicans so that any “intelligence” finding regarding any trumpland doings is eventually rendered null and void. Recall that in the republican run House “intelligence committee” questioned Bannon and every-time he said that he couldn’t answer any question because of “executive privilege” the House republicans (cf Nunes) said “oh, ok. moving on…” - thereby discovering what they wanted to: exactly nada.


Keyword: “seems”


Not enough!

I’m queasy right now.


Um, no. Of course not, this is the UK government we’re talking about.

The company did it themselves to avoid the scrutiny.


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