Muhammad Ali had a personal magic trick teacher

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Oh man that’s really cool, had no idea he was such a magic aficionado. Seems like a great read, coincidentally i’m not seeing a link to the Vox article. Here it is if anyone else wanted to read it:

Edit: I see Mark has edited the link in [: Wahey! (not complaining, i really did want to read the article. Which is great fyi)

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This needs to be a TV series.

#Ali and La Sorda!

They fight crime.


Ali really did love magic. He visited the local magic shop whenever he passed through a town, went to magicians conventions, and did tricks for anyone who would watch. He truly was like a little boy who never grew up.
I met him once at Tannen’s Magic shop on 1540 Broadway (the building no longer there). He was an enormous person, and you could imagine how threatening he must have seemed when he was in great shape.
But very gentle and mischievous when learning or doing magic.

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