Multi-storey minibus


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Come on…you don’t expect this guy to camp out in a normal VW minivan, do you?

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This looks real, I can tell by the suspension;
and I’ve seen a lot of camper-van suspensions in my day.
Furthermore, the pixels are perfect.

The rust specks on the edging under the back two windows look suspiciously similarly placed on each of the three stories.

Yeah, that is certainly a bus bearing a lot of weight. I would fear a crosswind.


and the perspective on the windows is all the same despite the height changing. def shopped.


And there’s really no room in any of the 3 upper “stories” for anyone–since they’re as tall as the windows on the actual van.

Actually, my initial thought upon seeing the picture, before reading the accompanying text, was that if it wasn’t a 'shop, then it had to be some burner-made “mobile art”. That would look at home, if not maybe a tad too mundane, on the playa.

What ericjs said. If this were real, each higher “ceiling” would look a little taller on the image, because you would be looking at each higher ceiling from a couple more feet farther below its plane. In the picture, however, all the inner ceilings are shown from the same angle, which is not possible unless the higher levels are wedge-shaped and tilt towards the viewer like a stack of binders.

But I was fooled for a few seconds there.


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I don’t see how it’s hard to see that it’s shooped. The perspective thing, the repeated windshield glare patterns, all those little clues that it’s many copies of the same image, slightly doctored and stacked up.

Then again, I was also amazed that almost no one could tell at a glance that the 2004 Dan Rather Bush papers were done with Microsoft Word. That one screamed out at me… “Times New Roman!”

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I had the exact same thought.

Just needs some outriggers…


Another indicator of it being a 'shop job is that they forgot to finish it. Take a look at the roof rack. They forgot to shorten the rack and the forward-most upright doesn’t meet up with the drip-rail clamp.

Still, I’d love to see it putting around town, as long as said town didn’t have any low-hanging wires or underpasses.


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Well, it could be that only the roof shells’ sides are mounted.

No great effort needed to figure it out, the perspective failure really gives it away.

I thought this class of vehicle wasn’t visible to Muggle cameras.

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The original image is from here, pre-shooping:

@Rhyolite Thanks! Didn’t run a Google hunt for it for myself. Since you popped it up, I used it to make a perspective correct(ish) image with some windows dropped in to the lower level. I know this isn’t a multistory, but I did it so people could see how perspective makes the framing inside the windows change. The dark area on the front window is just a quick fakey false wall dropped in behind where the front seats exist. I continued the wall and ocean behind, but didn’t bother to do any light correction on 'em. This was mainly made for the perspective.

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