Multilingual "red cards" to help immigrants assert their rights during ICE shakedowns

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I appreciate the intention here, but a red card isn’t gonna stop ICE from breaking down your door. They’re not footy players.


ICE vans have to cover up in my neck of the woods, less they want a brick in the windshield. Some reason, unbeknownst to me, that never gets on the 5 o’clock news???


The red cards should just say “The bearer of this card needs a serious beatdown for attempting to thwart your agenda”. I’m sure that’s all the message that an ICE agent would get out it.


I don’t have a need for 250 cards.

How do I buy them but have them delivered to the people who actually do need them?

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ICE will look at these cards as probable cause.

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As others have noted above, do these cards stop bullets or act as body armor that stops a beatdown? Otherwise I highly suspect ICE will laugh heartily as the cardbearer repeatedly falls down stairs or rams their face into someone’s knuckles.


Good stuff!

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you know what’s even better than printing red cards?

outing every last ICE motherfucker. every. last. one.

don’t just shun them - actively shout them down. no peace for those who uphold an unjust society. no rest for the wicked.

no more. do not let them take on single more family. not one single person. blockade the fucking streets. blockade the fucking compounds. blockade DC. it’s time to do SOMETHING while we can before the bullets fly and the graves are filled.


“Rights” don’t really matter to those who don’t respect the rule of law. Which seems to be pretty much everyone in a position of authority at this point.

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The the reverse they say:

This should be changed to “On the reverse they say.”

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