Mumbai's beggars and Trump Tower billboard: not fake news


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I’ll admit that it’s somewhat disconcerting when one of the tools I rely on to determine the fake from the real is shown to be fallible.


Look at all that garbage in the top half of the photo!


I could happily live in a gold-plated penthouse I suppose. Just give me a $1million loan and watch me go!


Fuck the loan.
Own or be owned, there is no loan. [/yodo]


Honestly if someone handed me the keys to Trump’s apartment the first thing I’d do would be to go Pope Francis on all that tacky crap.


I’m sure I could use a solid gold toilet and still be the humble, virtuous person I am now. :smirk:


Nobody is perfect. Journalistic standards are what distinguish fake news sources from real news sources. Printing retractions and corrections is one of the most visible ways to determine if a news source is legit.

I wish they would put notice of the change at the top of the article though. A correction should be a badge of honor.


Hell yeah, in fact I’d rather live in a slightly crappy, run-down space than one Trump has interior designed, because it’s so oppressive - like Versailles redesigned by someone with no taste. It’s offensive on multiple levels. Plus, a run-down space can be fixed with little more than a coat of paint, but Trump’s tacky crap would require major renovations to undo.


seriously, melt the thing down and improve a few homeless shelters. ( probably paint or foil anyway, given the dude’s cheapness and propensity for aggrandizement. a thin veneer over sh*t, if you will. )


You can pry my solid-gold toilet out from under my cold, dead butt!


And donate all the proceeds to charity.



But what of the golden shower??


What with this and the WSJ not calling out drumpf on his lies here’s the oblig reconstruction of every onion writer at the moment…


Donald John Trump - living proof that you can polish a turd.


What the little people don’t understand is that gold-plated fiberglass makes an excellent excellent shower insert. I have the greatest golden shower available. The greatest.

Trump responds to "golden showers" Russian report with hysterical ALLCAPS tweet





I see no evidence of polish.


That’d be a cold shock to sit on in a winter morning before the house heats up.