Mummified corpse found hanging in closet in abandoned house by exploring kid

Even in formal and legal writing, “was hanged” is only required when referring to executions, and is clearly some kind of vestigial barbarism anyway.


Not mutually exclusive. For all we know, Mr. Brunton might have lapsed into a deep depression after being unable to find a partner who could accommodate his massive member.


Did the kid follow proper procedure and poke it with a stick?



Um, I’m hung – some1 might say well hung.

[ducks and runs]


Edit – just noticed that @Brainspore beat the well-hung member theme



I didn’t access YOUR webcam…

I did.


I wonder…

I think this really shows it: satellite view in Google Maps, turquoise color quite obvious.

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I can see his webcam from my feed.

You can just view it on Google Maps in street view. On that view, the last three houses on the block have an overgrowth of foliage, and the larger house next to the small turquoise one was already totally abandoned. That jungle threatened the barely maintained property, so it may be that no one noticed it when the smaller house got swallowed up.

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I saw the address in the article, it’s easy to see on street view. The listing I posted is an ‘address not specified’ on the same street, foreclosed - could be the same house, probably isn’t.

Between drawing attention to the nascent ability to instantly describe a house, and it’s surrounding houses from the comfort of a computer screen to jungles swallowing up houses, your comments really packs in the shivers…

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I am to please.

I was kind of thinking the same, although in another words: wow, seems like a good start for a Stephen King book

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My favorite thing about this story is that a 12-year-old talked about crossing “the threshold of the room.”

Badass kid.

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So, and sorry to raise the image,but after five years of hanging (presumably by the neck) do enough connective tissues remain to support the body in a hanging position? Or does the body/bones fall in a heap? If we must have the image in our mind, some technical details are needed.

The story said that, “The cold and the dark dried him out and preserved him.” That suggests he desiccated, like a mummy, and that would have changed the way his skin and connective tissues behaved. They would have grown lighter, and quite dry. Since his remains were found fairly quickly (for an unexpected body), the extreme fragility found in some mummies might not have yet been present.

I’m making a leap here, but it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the body (left undisturbed) was still hanging.

Had he died during the summer, the results probably would’ve been quite different.