Mummified corpse found hanging in closet in abandoned house by exploring kid


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The neighbors never said anything about the property turning into a jungle?

I’m getting flashbacks just thinking about what it would be like to have discovered something like that when I was a kid. ::shudder::

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Reminds me of the scene in the book Salem’s Lot where the main character recalls seeing the hanging body of Hubbie Marston hanging in his house.

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If I found a dead body hanging in a creepy abandoned house overgrown with vines, any odors present would be overwhelmed by the smell of my soiled pants.


“No friends and no job, and was estranged from his family” – but his story is probably going to be circulating in some form or another for decades to come now.

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um, I think you mean Trespassing Vandal, explorers are those guys who go to South American jungles to look for untapped oil wells. More leftist lawless-childhood propaganda from boingboing…/s


What are they gonna say and to whom (other than the city)? Several of the houses in my area are rentals and if no one is in them they can get grown up over the course of a few summer months. Usually the city mails notices to the tax owners and it gets resolved, but similar to here the owner isn’t available by just knocking on the door. I live in a geographic area which is our neighborhood, but it is not a development or anything so there is no HOA or rules other than city ordinances.

I see at least four houses a day like this. Just yesterday I saw a house on the news that was finally torn down after being a burned out shell for three years. Neighbors may say something, but the city won’t do anything. And, if you’re used to houses like that (like many of us in the rust belt region are) it ain’t no thing.

Only a fool would look for untapped oil wells.

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"On the door is a citation from the City of Dayton, demanding that the grass be cut."–From the first paragraph of the article.


Eleanor Rigby, died in the church and was buried along with her name, nobody came.


If it weren’t for the fact that a suicide was discovered there, the house looks like it could be salvaged. Chances are good however it will be lost in bureaucracy, fall into further disrepair and eventually collapse or be torn down. Surprised that a house could be bought for $10k, even in Dayton.

I’ve said it before here on BB, but I guess I need to keep saying it:

“Pictures are HUNG, people are HANGED.”


How long they let you get away with not paying your property taxes in Dayton? In my town, you lose your house in 3 years after the first delinquency.

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I think it’s way beyond the grass needing to be cut. And since the guy was dead a while, cities usually get angry about non-payment of taxes. I’ve known a couple that were taken over because of that.

Dayton is a lot like Pittsburgh, it takes years for anything to get done, including tear down houses that have back taxes. Hell, the city took six months last year to cash a check from me.

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How often does BB have posts which make the distinction worth mentioning? (Do I want to know?)

My uncle actually lives at the Glen Donald, where the mummified corpses of two babies were found while cleaning out the basement ballroom. They’d been left in a steamer trunk.