Muppets from Space's "Brick House"


Maybe in a life-affirming, warm-hearted, he’ll-be-missed fashion? You know, catharsis?
Or for the more macho, “Bet you can’t watch this without crying!” challenge.

But yeah, Muppets are for laughing at. :grin:
Plus Tina Fey in the last movie as a Russian prison warder totally made up for it having Ricky Gervais in. Just.


I am at work. I do not need to be misty-eyed around my co-workers right now. :slight_smile:

Jim Henson was the first celebrity death I felt a connection to. I literally grew up to the guy’s works. Plus I went to the same college as him. (U of Maryland-College Park).

I had a professor who had Jim as one of his students. He wrote at the top of his final exam, “I once told Jim Henson he should find more productive work than playing with puppets. Do not take my opinions very seriously, I have been wrong before”

I have some dust in my eyes right now (and I haven’t even watched the video yet).


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