Murderer rants at execution: "You can kiss my white trash ass"


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So much for the “guns are the only thing stopping knife-weilding maniacs from robbing and murdering us” theory.


Well, this is certainly a way one could report about the state killing it’s own citizens in our name…


after enjoying a 5,000-calorie last meal,

He’ll have to diet when he gets to where he’s going.


I feel bad for the mortician.


Might as well die as one has lived…


The landfill?



You know, if he wanted to commit crimes, he should have just opened a bank and become a bwanker.
Much more profitable, and he would probably never see any jail time.


Surprised GA executed this guy instead of submitting him as a potential new head of the FBI.


He left the wife alive? And he figured everything would work out just fine?


My guess is that substances and/or mental health issues were heavily involved.


I’m going to be That Guy: What exactly is the point of this, are we supposed to be amused? Are we supposed to admire his unbroken spirit in quoting Cool Hand Luke (hint: the movie wouldn’t work if his initial crime were murder)? Thank goodness he didn’t order 50 eggs for his last meal or this would be going viral. How would you feel if you were family of the victim?


You must have missed the White Trash part. He should have become a Trader not a banker.

Good guess, since that something like 90% of all crime?


Yea, I’m observant like that.

I actually read up on it a bit and he was 21 at the time and apparently: “Intelligence testing shows Ledford to have, at best, borderline intellectual functioning,” attorneys for Ledfrod wrote in their petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So that probably takes a chunk out of that other 10%.



You’re not supposed to be anything, but it’s always interesting to see the things people expect to be.


This is the “No puppet. No Puppet. You’re the puppet.” of death row executions.


How bizarre is the idea of caring for, feeding, clothing, housing, sheltering someone for 25 years, and then… pulling the pin?


He’s discovered the secret of eating a blooming onion and not having all that heartburn later.

Just don’t have a “later”.