KKK leader murdered by own family

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Well, given that cops have high rates of spousal abuse, and there are high numbers of white supremacists in the US police… I know that correlation is not causation, but I do have to hypothesize that a group whose ideology is based on hatred and violence won’t be able to confine those negative emotions to a single venue very easily.


Abandonment of a corpse? What the fuck are you supposed to do, tie it around your neck like an albatross?


I love that this is the photograph of the KKK leader that most news outlets are running with the story. That’s gotta sting for all those Dukes of Hazzard apologists who insist that there’s nothing offensive about the name or decor on the “General Lee.”


Hey, think of the poor river.


were both charged with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

This drives me nuts about the American criminal system. If I murder someone in cold, premeditated blood, of course I will also tamper with the evidence and most likely abandon the corpse. That’s already included in the package. Do you seriously expect me to leave everything as it as and call the cops right afterwards? And you intend to separately punish me if I fail at this social obligation?

(I understand that factually this is just switching positive civil-law-system-style mitigation if I turn myself in into the negative punishment if I don’t, but the philosophy of this just grinds my gears.)


Green bin is for corpses.


He died doing what he loved…


Not let it rot in the street and infect water supplies; that kind of thing


Report that there is a corpse?

Also, shooting someone in a bed is a clear sign someone didn’t think this through. Killing someone in the largest, most absorbent place in the house?

“This one post DESTROYS Dukes of Hazard apologists.”

Though I dunno, does having a Satan worshiper play D&D make the game satanic? I mean there is a valid argument it is offensive, but not sure this example really logically supports the argument.


Isn’t this the guy the OpKKK said was their first contact into the KKK/Blue Lives Matter thing? Was this a hit to kill the snitch?



There’s probably a reason. For example, if you don’t have enough evidence to try Al Capone for murder, you can still get him for tax evasion.


Sleeping in bed?



I mean, I get where you are coming from, but imagine that we find out in the course of investigation and trial that she didn’t actually kill him. Like, say, she was having an affair, her husband discovered them, and then the boyfriend killed him, but she then still tried to hide the body and clean up. Or maybe he was physically threatening her, and the killing was in self defense, or maybe the killing was just accidental. In those cases it is reasonable that she would be expected to call the police immediately, and destroying evidence and dumping a body are still crimes – possibly deserving of leniency in some situations, but still crimes. They aren’t going to have any relevance unless she is found not guilty on the murder charge.

There are also other less honorable reasons to rack up the charges like that, for instance to keep a prosecutors conviction ratio up, or to have something to intimidate with and force a plea bargain. But the idea of charging someone with lesser crimes along side big ones is not intrinsically wrong.


Well, in the case of the General Lee the name of the car and the symbol adorning it were both inexorably connected to the fight to preserve slavery long before they were ever connected to a TV show. Dungeons and Dragons was never connected to Satan worship except within the imaginations of easily alarmed Evangelical Christians.


No, this is obviously a situation that calls for composting.


The only way this story could be better is if the sheets he was lying on when he was shot were part of his KKKostume.


Stolen from Facebook:

very disapproving of this. dumping the body in the river? come on, keep our waterways clean! think globally but act locally. Body disposal is best done in remote areas, and includes dismemberment, and distribution in shallow graves over a large area. it isn't convenient, but being environmentally conscious rarely is. Remember, each coyote needs a square kilometer to produce enough calories to thrive. Spread the remains out. Also remember, most organisms that are responsible for decomposition are in the first 6 inches of soil. If you're in a hurry, a chipper shredder and mulching works as well.