KKK nut who shot at black man protesting racist Charlottesville rally gets 4 years in prison (yay)

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He was charged with shooting near a school, instead of shooting at a human?



Yes yes …a monument is always of more value than a human life. Especially when the monument represents killing people…quite reasonable in his twisted outlook… fuck him and feed him to the pigs


IANAL, but I’ll guess there was wiggle room in the attempted murder/assualt angle (“I wasn’t shooting at him, I was trying to scare him by shooting nearby” sort of thing), so the prosecutors may have chosen the path of least resistance here?


Oh…I see. You expect accurate headlines from Boing Boing. That’s cute. If you had clicked through and read the source article, you would note that he shot the ground near the man in question. So, given the short distance, he is either a horrible shot, or the headline stating that the KKK shot “at” the man is, at best, a misleading implication and, at worst, a lie.

Crimes he likely committed include reckless endangerment, brandishing a gun, illegal discharge near a school, and possibly some form of conspiracy hate crime, but that lSt one is a stretch.

In plea deals, you usually go after the count that gets you the punishment you, as prosecutor, think is warranted. Here, that appears to be four years.

If you had read the source, you would also have noted that a local black singer who works with kkk folks to try and save them has been working with the shooter. The judge noted the progress he has made but noted that it was a serious crime and he had to pay the cinsequences.

The shooter is a scumbag, but things are rarely black and white. Esoeviakky where BoingBoing headlines are concerned!


I hope his license to carry and own a gun has been revoked. Didn’t see that mentioned in the article.


If I fire a gun specifically in your direction with the intent to dissuade you from your current course of action and the bullet hits the ground a couple feet away from where you’re standing, I hope you’ll split those same hairs as to whether or not I actually shot at you.


ETA as for his sentencing, good. Although it may turn out to be a fantastic networking opportunity for his brand of hate.


Where the hell is this attitude coming from? Nothing about the headline is misleading. A member of the KKK brandished a weapon during a white power rally and fired in the direction of a black counter-protester.

As you say, it’s certainly true that nothing in life is “black and white” (an interesting choice of words in this case), but you have chosen an odd case with which to make that point. It’s pretty normal for a headline to be a summary, with the body of the text providing supporting details… Like this article does, in a fair manner I would add.


I didn’t get the sense of splitting hairs, but rather pointing out the practically of how plea deals work. As he pointed out, there is a plethora of crimes he could have been charged with. Attempted murder could have been one of them. But prosecutors will often take the slam dunk of the plea deal vs the risk he got off scott free if it goes to trial. And if it were to go to trial, they will often go with a charge that is more likely to get a conviction. It isn’t a perfect system, but at least he is serving some time.

ETA - I do disagree with his assertion that the headline is a “misleading implication”. And in hindsight that was probably more what you were referring to, vs the original post he replied to. Shoulda read through things again.

He is a felon now and can’t own firearms or vote.


He’ll be out before Reality Winner. :frowning:


Which is why, of course, he went there with a loaded handgun and wearing a bullet proof vest. Because that’s what non-violent protestors do.


When you see someone make the case that firing a gun anywhere in a crowded public space isn’t necessarily firing “at” people, you just might be living in a gun culture.


I noticed that too. And a bunch of his friends are wearing helmets. And the one pasty guy in khakis, blue shirt with the droopy breasts right in the middle of the shot… what’s he holding? Kinda looks like a wheelbarrow handle? Then notice all the other shields and the black sticks. Do a View Image to get a higher res version of the image file.


Only 4 years?


Donny Two Burgers better dust off the pardon pen.


The source article also claims the individual was shot at. Given the unknowns, you appear ready, regardless, to give a person who brought a weapon to a rally the benefit of the doubt. That you decided to come here, to Boing Boing, to complain about the headline instead of going to the source tells me all I think anyone needs to know about the expected content or quality of your arguments here.

Enjoy the free ice cream.


That bottom picture… prime specimens of the white race.


Esoeviakky where BoingBoing headlines are concerned