Music: "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," Ella Fitzgerald (1956)



If anyone ever asks you what the term “silky smooth” means, just play them this recording. Perhaps Miss Ella’s voice could hit the peaks and shatter glass, but this tune can lay you down, glaze you over, and break your heart.


agree completely. Sarah Vaughan is in that echelon, as well

Ah, what a delight! MUSIC! I remember it well. I remember a time when ‘MUSIC’ was made by musicians, instead of lawyers, and the MUSIC companies actually sold and produced MUSIC that you could listen to.

Sigh…Ella was always one of the very best; incredible intonation, vocal quality and intelligent background support. a talent with a voice that was a national treasure!

Thank you, beautiful lady, for some of the best music ever recorded!

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