Music: "Eye of the Tiger," Survivor (1982)

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Going to be watching Creed?

“See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back, Rock. Eye of the tiger, man.”

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This brings me back to when we first got MTV as a kid…

Also, looks like Phylica Rashad is going to be in the film…

Seeing this kind of stuff on wikipedia always gives me a chuckle:

“The band tweaked its musical direction in 1988 with the release of the slightly heavier Too Hot to Sleep, but due to lackluster promotion the album barely reached the Billboard 200 in the United States.”

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.


If there isn’t a cameo from ghost Carl Weathers, I’m not watching it.

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This song always irritated me. Then again, so did ‘Gonna Fly Now’.

Apollo Creed is a legendary character, I do not think words can do the man service. I can’t imagine what a movie called Creed could do that is additive to who Apollo Creed is, in my mind.

Didn’t Apollo Creed die in Rocky 4? Like that was why Rocky was fighting the Russian guy, because he had killed Apollo in an exhibition match?

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Back in '93 I started working at IBM, which at that point was on the ropes (speaking of boxing). I worked in PC assembly where they had quarterly all-hands meetings. The first or second of these, they played “Eye of the Tiger” over the PA as someone from upper management approached the stage. He gave this long speech about getting back on top, being champion again, like Rocky Balboa. “It’s the Eye of the Tiger! Keep telling yourself: Eye of the Tiger! I want everyone here tonight to go home and watch Rocky III and think about Eye of the Tiger.” I did some mental calculations, there were probably several hundred (maybe a thousand) of us in the room (and that was just one shift). Assuming 2 dozen Blockbusters in town, each with 3 or 4 copies of Rocky III, it would be impossible for us to watch it, not that I would have bothered anyway.

Other than that spectacle, it was not a bad place to work. I liked hand soldering (not that they paid me much). Since then, I always figured that if my current job went down the toilet, I could always go back to hand soldering. But I figure that particular job may very well no longer exist in the United States (and I’m not sure what, if anything, IBM still physically manufactures – they sold off the Austin PC plant about 16 years ago, then the company that took over moved out, and it’s all a shopping center now).

Maybe it’s about Helios Creed. I don’t know if he’d be much of a pugilist but maybe that’s what makes the plot so interesting.

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Are you saying that a steroided up, mechanically trained monster from the SOVIET UNION could kill the spirit of America?

It WAS the cold war, after all… it’s the only narrative that makes any sense.



James Brown… Wasn’t James Brown involved somehow? [ETA video]


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Eye of the Tiger - choice #1 of my 12 album selection as a newly minted member of the Columbia House Record Club. I taped that penny to that form and mailed it in all by myself.

I felt like…like a MAN!


Did you complete the contract?

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You know what… I actually think I did.

If I think hard enough I can still remember many of the other choices on that fateful night…

AC/DC - Back in Black
Men at Work - Business as Usual
Foreigner - Foreigner 4
Toto - IV
BIlly Joel - Nylon Curtain
Aerosmith - something, something…

Still have the LPs somewhere in the basement.