Music made from industrial noises


As well as Psychic TV and Coil which shared some of the same folks. Psychic TV was always a bit hit or miss for me but Coil was always bliss for me.


You might be focused on the genre term “industrial.” I am not suggesting that EN (or DM for that matter) are industrial in that sense. But EN did influence the sonic palettes of numerous bands from that era: KMFDM, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, etc. P.S. I used to browse the bins at Wax Trax beginning in the early 80’s so I’m familiar with most of those industrial bands.


Does noone listen to noise? No, I’m not making a joke. There is an entire genre of music called noise that goes beyond Industrial. There is no clear definition for what it sounds like, but much of it is glitch and distortion, and much of that is created by contact mics placed on different materials and simply using the sounds the materials themselves make.

A couple years ago I saw someone called Lucas Abella do a show with a style he is famous for- contact microphones on sheets of broken glass played with his bare mouth and teeth. I can’t even describe what it sounds like it’s an incredibly unique sound. And yes bleeding is part of the show.

There are other similar artists that take pure sound from found-object and make music with it. My favorite was always my introduction to Japanese noise, Aube (Akafumi Nakajima). His album hydrophobia was made purely with the sounds of dripping water, and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. He did an album with the sounds of only concrete and concrete drying, even one with solely the pages of the Bible turning.

There is so much out there that most people don’t know of because they never go far enough down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is near bottomless folks!


Isn’t this one of the earliest in that genre?


I just thought it odd that so many people were comparing the song/video with industrial music like EN simply because both involve banging on sheet metal-- the end results are very different. When I first watched the video I didn’t even think about “industrial music”, and I’m not sure they were trying to make any kind of sociopolitical point with the track, just having fun with found objects and recording gear.

I don’t really want to argue about it, I guess I just didn’t explain my thoughts clearly the first time.





I liked it, and I really liked it as a music video. Watching at the same time as hearing was great. I had thought I would read something else as I listened, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


Savge Aural Hotbed


So… the soundtrack from Shinobi III for the Sega Mega Drive?


one of my faves.


For a more lighthearted look at this genre, check out the movie, “Sound of Noise.” I found it quite amusing.


Nice to see that artists still follow the recipe Holger Hiller started 30 years ago. Yes, 30 years. Have a look:


I wanna play too!


Not most likely, they WERE influenced by EN (and Throbbing Gristle). They’ve said as much.

Reznor would never admit to being influenced by FLA, though, since he’s gone on the record as saying he finds them too repetitive and boring.


Except for earlier, avante-garde classical composers, of course.



Immediately reminded of this.


Hey, you rivet heads… just like what you like and don’t worry about every one else! Right, @Mister44!



Wow this thread really takes me back! I came in here for the Einstürzende Neubauten and was not disappoint (hey it was what I listened to back in the day). Neat to see some other ideas in that space.

Then I came upon this artwork. Holy head cannon! Anyone else recall a reskin of Marathon that had your character being some kind of psychic rebel? The art style seems to be the same folks. Had a odd name? here we go: ZPC - No Flesh Shall Be Spared. Kinda woodcut soviet alt future something something. It was quite strange for its time, quaint now. Looks like that guy was (drumroll please) Aidan Hughes (hmmm ‘adapted from’?)