Music: "Rush," Big Audio Dynamite (1991)


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Gotta love The Who sample


I noticed that too! For the first time, for some reason.


playa bound


So B.A.D. it’s good.


Ahh that was one of my favourite cassettes.


Holy crap - I can’t believe I’ve never heard this with the opening sample! It’s Deep Purple’s “Child In Time”; one of the best Ian Gillan screamers. Happy happy joy joy!


Same here; I’ve also never heard that closing sample.


The radio version was a lot shorter, so it’s possible that you literally never heard it.

One of my all-time favorite 90’s songs…


Yes! Heard it on the radio and I was annoyed that they chopped out the interesting bits.


Its a good Mick Jones pop song but compared to the first incarnation of B.A.D. to me this whole album was weak beyond belief. B.A.D. without Don Letts & Leo E-Zee Kill Williams just isn’t B.A.D. enough.

I think I would have liked this song if it were done with The Clash, maybe the London Calling era sound.

EDIT: also, did we ever think a Stussy boonie hat was cool? I can’t remember…


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