Music: "The Bird," Morris Day and the Time (1983)


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The guy with the mirror is one of my heroes.

Why is it so hard to find a good sounding recording of this song? Is it Prince?
It deserves to be HEARD! “SQUAWK!”

this came up on my ipod at work today. I was telling my coworker about Jay Weeder, my buddy in the 4th grade, who introduced me to this song by singing it at the top of his lungs and doing the dance at recess. he was doing it confrontationally , like he was battling me. add to that that Jay was really short, even for a 4th grader, and he legit closely resembled a troll. it was really bizarre. when he told me it was the new hit song, I thought he was pulling my leg.

AWESOME - your stock JUST went up even more. vintage BMW, AND fan of the Time! :smile:

2:01 -

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This might have been a better song for The Time’s performance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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