Music video: "Every Movie Robot"


< pedantic>Cyborgs aren’t robots.</ pedantic>


In what way are Daleks robots? Sheesh!

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Mechs are now robots too? Someone didn’t do much research into making this clip.

Ok what did they miss? - my first one:


And in that one, Robots definately Didnt Love You anymore :slight_smile:

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Talos: not a robot. Sorry. I had to join in. I like the song.

Update, a note from the artist:

“This compilation is not designed to be too strict in its choices of ‘robots’ - It contains almost 100 examples of robots, androids, and cyborgs in the movies”

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Oh, that’s like saying Obama doesn’t count as a black guy because his mom was white. It’s how autonomous beings identify, man.

Sadly missing are these (and any robots from Russian movies and cartoons in general).

How’s Talos not a robot?

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