Music: "You're All Talk," The Pandoras (1985)


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Paula Pierce, RIP.

Old friends of mine. This was when Gwen was still in, and before Rock’nRoll Pandoras with Kim.

They played our huge pad on E St in San Diego in '83 - with The Tell-Tale Hearts and some version of The Gravedigger 5, I think. The Gravedigger 5 were Pandoras groupies… :wink:

Best Pandoras shows were at that weird converted theatre next to MacArthur Park in L.A. They were introducing me to people as “Z-man” - like Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. But I always thought Michael Quercio of The 3’Oclock really wanted the title, more than did I.

Different tymes.

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That song is a way too close to The Moving Sidewalk’s classic “99th Floor” for me to listen through to the end.

Well, yeah. That was kind of the idea…

In the early eighties? There were a handful of people who knew of The Moving Sidewalks or Zackary Thaks - even The 13th Floor Elevators! This was a forgotten and neglected musical idiom - especially in SoCal, where the mainstream was still located between Eagles albums and a Guns n Roses concert.

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