My Daguerrotype Boyfriend: a tumblog of greatness


I created a “discourse” account to be pedantic here, but two things: very few of these images are daguerreotypes and “daguerreotype” is spelled incorrectly in this article.

I’ll let past Nick Cave answer this one…

It was either this or the way overused (though always welcome) Picard face palm jpeg…

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Wow. I like Ike.

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Oh, yes. Because daguerreotypes are yours to have and to hold. Until death do you part. Or you try to clean them, whichever comes first.

Except maybe I’d take a pass on the Brighton boys in their top hats.

P.S. Go a few pages further and see this do-not-miss portrait of Mark Twain when he was 15.

If you are going to be a pedant about it they are all j-pegs. Also, most are not really anyone’s boyfriend, either. Just flashes of light against a contrasting background.

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Also, not a pipe.

Right? Go, Mamie. Hit it, girl.

So many hipsters. :wink:

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