My encounter with The Goop: Mini-Golf Alien Survivor

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Unfortunately, L.A.'s Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign is no longer letting members of the public know what kind of day they’re going to have. However, the sign is safe and there’s hope for resurrection.


Wife and I made a kitsch trip in 2016. We spent two weeks on the road (other than a few days with friends in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains to hike) visiting all the fun stuff people produce. Everything from Foam-Henge in Virginia, to the world’s largest ball of twine, Cadillac Ranch, Popeye statue, etc. Never got to the Goop in Tuscon (Albuquerque, NM, was the closest we got to there), but what a blast that trip was.

We used the Roadside America app, and also the Atlas Obscura app, so check that one out as well. We also signed up for a membership account with a hotel chain and used their app to find rooms at the end of every day, rather than booking ahead of time. That way we didn’t have to worry about how far we drove each day. Other than the hike in the Rocky’s, which we did have to book ahead of time, we pretty much took every day as it came and made our fun up as we drove.

My favorite day: we both woke up really early for no particular reason. Hit the road by 4:00. Arrived to hike around Devil’s Tower as the sun rose. Then off to the Center of the United States, Deadwood, Wall South Dakota (Jackalope statue), the Badlands, and then a long, boring slog through Nebraska until we found a room (Sturgis weekend, everything was booked up north).

I highly recommend this sort of trip if you love long car rides, weird attractions, and can tolerate your partner for long stretches of time.


If you are near Tucson there is no greater roadside attraction than “The Thing?”

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