My hand shadows looked weird during the eclipse

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i noticed that as well, and in your same picture you can notice the same effect on your shoulder. I have seen a full eclipse before when i was younger and a really really trippy thing to see is during an eclipse go to a shaded area under some trees. Look at the shadows and lights coming through the leaves on the ground, look at the shapes an you will realize that the eclipse creates crescent patterns everywhere under the tree. It’s really neat but eerie. As the eclipse progresses you’ll be able to easily see it from the shade.


It got so dark inside, it was creepy.


That’s what I filmed today - the changing shadows under the trees, hundreds of little crescents.


You mean like it’s going to be tonight? Mwuhaha

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Partial eclipse over NoVaDC area left me an unexpected lens flare artifact:


If you make a tiny pinhole with your fingers, you can see the shape of the eclipse in it…


First time in while that I wish I still lived in the US. Where I live, in Costa Rica, we had about 10% of the sun occluded and it was cloudy anyway. I walked outside. Nuthin.

Haha yeah i tried this too and had some coworkers confused trying to do it and making the pinhole way too big.

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came here to post this. pic was about 10 min after our 98% peak.
49 PM


Mutant rabbit, RUN!


Those bumps are real, but invisible under ordinary circumstances. They’re called St. John’s Thumbs, and at one time were believed to be a sign of witchcraft. In 1524, Erasmus debated Martin Luther on the subject, but the debate was inconclusive, in part because an eclipse had not been seen in Northern Europe since 1440.

The eclipse of 1918 made the phenomenon visible across a wide swathe of the American west, and led to widespread demands that St. John’s Thumbs be outlawed. The only known anti-Thumbs legislation was passed in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, by a coalition of anti-Masonic, anti-Catholic, and Free Soil leaders, none of whom seemed entirely sure what they were voting on.

Today, scientists are almost unanimous in describing St. John’s Thumbs as a “demonic, but very minor” phenomenon, although a rogue faction, with funding from General Electric and AT&T promote the unorthodox notion the thumbs are an optical illusion. Americans for Optical Thumbs has been accused of being “merely a front group for Big Light Bulb,” but their full list of donors is shrouded in mystery.


Rabbit or Cthulhu?

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Noticed the weird shadows as well. Partial eclipse here with partial cloud cover. The color out was dusk, overcast, but still left sharp but short shadows on my balcony railing.

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I’ll have what @Boundgear is having!


I knew it!

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Why were you surprised, Happy Mutant?

Oh R’lyeh?

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