My New Tropics of Meta Article on Laibach!


Please to be enjoying!!!

Have you seen THIS?
Did you ever want to play questions?

So,I now need to go listen to Laibach?
Thanks Obama!


There are links to some videos embedded in article, so you can listen as you go. There is also links to black flags Police story and body count’s cop killer…


Good read @Mindysan33, thanks! I had no idea Laibach is so geopolitically important.


@jlw @beschizza I could see an article like this on BB. Or at least a lovely reference to it?


That was very good. I’m a long-time fan, and that made me look at some of their work in a new light. Bravo. Also, Laibach Hat Is Best Hat.


Excellent work! Thanks for sharing!


Aaaand, now I’m drunk after work and listening to Brat Moj very loudly, apparently. The look of horror on my daughter’s face is priceless. Sing alonga Laibach FTW :smile:

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