My Town Is So Boring. In Singapore Otter Gangs Fight For Territory

Ongoing drama in Singapore, as rival otter gangs fight for territory. Locals follow the gangs and their disputes with great interest.

SINGAPORE - The two most well-known otter families here have clashed again, more than a year after a fight that resulted in the death of at least one otter pup.

The Marina otter family clashed with its Bishan rival at the Kallang Basin on Wednesday (Oct 24), in an hour-long confrontation documented by otter watchers.

In a video uploaded on the Ottercity Facebook page, the two groups of otters are seen charging towards each other, baring their teeth and squeaking loudly.

But just as the two sides seemed set for a physical fight, the Marina otters retreated at the last minute. The Marina family was eventually split up and pursued by the Bishan family.

In my city we get excited when the river goes up a few feet.


I have to say that the accompanied video production was fantastic! The writer for the Singapore paper has an interesting beat.

“When you’re a Jet…”


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