MyPillow guy says he is "very, very happy" happy that Dominion is suing him for $1.3 billion

He’s talking to the jury pool.


A masterful plan, arrived at by the considerable intellectual abilities of several masterminds. /s

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His addict-to-riches story is interesting, and he’s clearly got some natural sales and persuasion skills. But in every quote of his I’ve seen, he sounds like someone who skipped a few lessons and hasn’t noticed yet. This is one of those lessons.


A competent marketing team could do the same for a hell of a lot less than $1.3 billion, which is what Dominion is demanding from Lindell.

But “competent” and “cult of Trump” don’t really fit well together without some sort of negation.


This makes sense but dominion is the one filing the suit. Wouldn’t they consider this before opening themselves up to such a massive liability? Maybe Pillow McPillowface has to defend himself based on the imaginary evidence he claims he already has?


What if…

…an organization founded on and named for the idea of free (as in speech) software and democracy in action through source code transparency and a license enforcing that ethos had developed a secure, open source voting system that avoided all of these hassles? I’m not opposed to the “laboratories of democracy” model but some things can’t be left up to markets or profit-seeking.

Maybe couple that with a ballot design initiative that compared and ranked state and local ballot designs for ease of use and clarity?

Yes but this stems from the University of Roy Cohn. Trump would typically countersue and launch more defamatory attacks. Cohn would “find out who’ll be the judge.” All of it, Trump’s wrestling, even his divorce, is leveraged to keep people talking about him.

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