Mysterious dead creature found near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant


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If only it were actually Ke$ha.


Looks like a fetal bird…


Looks like a crushed grape to me.




I’m thinking Japhroaig would plate it with a marmalade made from clementine zest and spearmint.


Along with a fruity, lightly oaked Pinot Noir. I am civilized, am I not?


Looks like a horse fetus at an early stage. DNA test should clear up what it is.


She named it Kesha.

The only thing actually weird about this story.


I think it’s that cute kid from Eraserhead.


Yeah, that works for me. At least it ain’t the face of Jesus this time.


Nope, it’s a trap!


I liked the simple and functional alien-carrying-box, but -1 points for using Scotch-Brites as padding, makes it look cheap.


Obviously, someone from Emperor Nimbala’s family line…


What Would Jesus Dehydrate?

Apparently, a small dead creature.




I’m all for picking up mysterious dead things to identify. Naming them? Only if they’re worth jarring.


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