Mysterious rash of cattle mutilations in Oregon

Until a slight draft blew all the paper money counters all over the place.


How did the othe wise healthy 5 bulls die? And are there bite marks on the rest of the hides?

Which agent are they sending?


They’re baaack!

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Doesn’t anyone remember the cattle mutilations in NM about 10 (20?) yrs ago? “Cattle mutilation” sounds so familiar, like it’s a technical term, that’s where it came from. At that time, Janes Quarterly (a military industrial publication costing hundreds of dollars(?) per issue) did an article sleuthing out who would have the technology and who would benefit from cutting up cattle in remote back country. Their conclusion was that black ops technology currently exists that could do it and the military and nuclear power industry could benefit from info gained by analyzing fallout residue concentrated in (large) grass eating herbivores. The residue tends to most affect the body parts that first come in contact with grass (lips), and the reproductive organs. Just any old cow won’t do, it has to be from specific areas so the parts can’t be obtained from meat packers w/o raising questions. the solution is to rustle them by large silent, black helicopters. Use surgical lasers to do the cutting, and scatter potassium sulfate (?, I think) to help decomposition and hide the evidence. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association have a big lobby, and when Janes printed their report, they went to a lot of trouble to keep it out of the news to protect their markets from objections to radioactive beef. I personally saw an article on EurekaAlert that disappeared a day later. (yes, yes “so prove it”, well it’s gone now, right?)

Ok but what’s military and nuclear power industry doing in rural Oregon? beats me, maybe something’s going on out there. Or maybe someone just wants to put a dent in that ranchers breeding stock. Meh.

Probably. But also very very very probably much too far away to interfere with earthly cattle :smiley:

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Cattle aren’t all that robust.

Pinches chupacabras. It’s plural.


I dont remember that in the version I had… we maybe just used bead or dice counters if it needed counters.

No. Just no. The card photographed in my first post in this thread is from over 30 years ago, and at the time “cattle mutilators” was an established concept.



It’s the Bundys!


And if you read the natural causes part of wikipedia linked to by @tenbrook the same results were reproduced by observing nature doing it’s thing.

I remember it in my grade school days of the 70s.
The thing is they try hard to get it blamed on something as the insurance won’t pay out on your cow that died of natural causes.


Oh my God, they found a use for all the sex toys people shipped them!




I’d like to accept that idea, but the problem is the unusual activity seen around these areas where these events occur. Events seen by numerous witnesses in many cases. These unusual occurrences sometimes happen right around or at the time of the event, or in other cases, are removed in time from a mutilation by days, or weeks. Yet they still are unusual enough that there appears to be a possible connection. While I can’t cite specifics at this late date (I haven’t been reading this sort of material for some time) it is very much in line with what John Keel and Jacques Vallee encounter with regards to the UFO phenomena. That being, that there are weird events associated with the mutilations, but few if any care to report them because they don’t make any sense, fear they will appear crazy, or they don’t lend support a given theory or explanation.

Dude they replicated it multiple fucking times by just letting nature do what nature does. Apply Occam’s Razor here. There is no absolutely reason at all to suspect little green men, satanists, or black helicopters other than I can’t get insurance money for my cow for natural causes.


Unusual activity, now with theme music!


In a related story…


Well, two things:

  1. I’d need to see the actual evidence, the research for myself. Particularly the photos of naturally occurring surgically precise incisions and organ removal. No offense to you, but hope you don’t really expect me to take it on faith from someone I don’t know, on the internet, telling me to take as fact, something I haven’t seen for myself.

  2. I’m not saying what causes these things, because I don’t know. I’m open to the explanation you proffer, but can’t accept it on faith, just because someone says so. Experience indicates that there is a great deal that goes on in the world we don’t understand, but that simultaneously, there are often simple logical explanations for some things. But I certainly don’t think it is the work of so-called aliens, or some other unlikely or impossible explanation. At this point, I have not made my mind up about the matter.

As an aside, I thought black helicopters were just the product of paranoia until I saw one myself, in person, and up close.

“Surgically precise” is a hallmark of specialized natural predators. An example from the ocean:
Scientists and fishermen were mystified for years about these perfectly circular injuries to tuna and other large pelagic fish and mammals:

Turns out there is a specialized deep-water shark called the “cookie-cutter” shark that ambushes large fish and just scoops out one bite. It’s a demonic-looking thing, but completely natural.