Mystery of Bulgaria's green cat finally explained


How does one go about piling up paint?


Puh-lease. That’s green hair dye, not paint.

I hope somebody adopts that little guy very soon. The amount of paint the poor creature is ingesting from grooming himself and inhalation must be astronomical. And even the latex paints are chock full of toxics such as mercury, formaldehyde, cadmium, VOC’s and even lead (though in much smaller quantities these days).

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I hope nobody let’s captain Kirk anywhere near it… :+0


Obviously, someone made the Incredible Kitten Hulk angry.

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Mercury, cadmium, lead? The pigments containing these are not used for ages anymore and the preservatives and antifungals are using organotin and other not-horribly-toxic elements if they use metals at all. [Citation needed], please?

Edit: Too bad it was not a luminous paint. That’d be shiny!

ref. Primo Levi: “Chromium”, in: “The Periodic Table”.

Read carefully and you’ll see it was “synthetic” paint, which piles far more readily than natural paint.


no linky : no looky

it’s a book, you know, on paper :wink:

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It’s a ray cat. Run away!

Tell us more about this… boo-ok?

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Laser cats!!!

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I have no idea what Bulgaria’s environmental protections are specifically like, but globally Cadmium pigments are still in use:

also lead

and while mercury is much less common, you can still get it in PR106

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I am wondering about terminology in the translation. Paint is typically pigment in a solvent or water based suspension - ie a wet product, although I guess there are those elementary school tempera paint pucks which are a dry solid ? I have an easier time believing that the cat has been sleeping in or around a storage container where either the pigment was stored - or where dry dye(for textiles, etc.) was kept. It is also odd that the cat is very evenly colored except for a small strip on its back. I would expect to see some loss of color where it grooms the most - face, paws.

Despite this it looks very healthy.

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Paint comes in piles?

How many piles do I need to paint a house?

Durmstrang. Just saying.

Too much Kitteh Mint Choco Chip ice cream.