"NAGR" lol isn't pro democrat, and other smudged corners of the internet

Cruising the net this morning, and found some delicious corners, including:

NAGR - National Association for Gun Rights, replete with imagery of the savagely crazy Obama/Clinton pair (at least, that’s how it seems!)

American Overlook - “As you know, Democratic presidential candidate and forerunner Hillary
Clinton is not considered an honest person by the American people. But
as you probably already…”

But it’s not just boring politics! This too! “He Cores Out An Onion With A Spoon, Stuffs It With Meat And Wraps It In Bacon. The Result? DROOL”

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It cores out an onion with a spoon, stuffs it with meat, and wraps it in bacon, or it gets the hose again


That is 36 hours of acid reflux on a platter. I can’t think of anything that would make my esophagus hurt more, other than chemical weaponry.


And zergnet. Wow.

They pointed me to how “well” Paris Jackson is doing these days:

I’m not so sure.

Aren’t most of the UN’s PKF US citizens anyway? How do they think American soldiers would react to orders to violate a bunch of rights in the bill of rights on their own countrymen? I know a few soldiers, and they’re pretty clear they’re pro 2A, and also they make a point of stating that they swore to uphold the constitution. You’d have to repeal the 2nd amendment before a lot of US soldiers would try to disarm the public, and even then, they probably wouldn’t do it anyway.

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