Nancy Mace plays dumb on Jim Jordan's sex abuse scandal while endorsing him for Speaker

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The Republican Speaker of the House who preceded Pelosi (and the longest-serving Speaker in history) is a convicted serial child molester. The most recent Republican Speaker of the House was just kicked out of office by someone who trafficked underage girls for sex. The next Republican Speaker of the House may well be a man who actively covered up sexual abuse against young men for years.

Why is it that Republicans can’t seem to find a Speaker without getting a bunch of horrific sex abusers involved?


Pearl clutching and projection…basically the GQP platform.
Plus guns, lots of guns.


When all you have is sex offenders… :thinking:


Nancy Mace is on Face the Nation quite frequently. She positions herself as a moderate Republican who is pro-life, but also pro-woman with exceptions for rape and incest and possibly other stuff. She is a rape survivor herself. She objected to January 6th and has been semi-critical of Trump from time to time. It is odd that she was one of the 8 members who voted McCarthy out and there is zero chance she is not familiar with Jim Jordan’s history. How do you endorse someone for speaker without knowing about the most known thing about that person? You don’t.

She must have seen some political opportunity and went for it. Who knows how it will turn out for her, but it seems to undermine ANY credibility she may have had. I saw the segment she was on and it was gross.


Elise Stefanik originally positioned herself as, maybe not a moderate, but at least as a “reasonable” conservative willing to work with Democrats. In fact, she only voted for Trump backed legislation in Congress during his term 77% of the time, contrasted with Liz Cheney who everyone thinks is rabidly anti-Trump but who backed Trump’s agenda over 90% of the time. I don’t know that anyone currently in national elected office in the GOP has an ounce of integrity. They will all compromise their beliefs if they think it will benefit them politically. The only one I can think of off the top of my head who wasn’t like that is John Kasich, and he hasn’t been relevant on the national stage in 7 years.


Yeah, she’s a “moderate”… sure nance… whatever you say.

She’s lying. Banning abortion is an extreme position, even with “exceptions”…

She’s a liar, too.

The whole party is rotten.


“Plays” dumb?!? She isn’t playing…

#NeverVoteRepublican - their collective IQ is less than a bag of hammers (apologies to hammers everywhere)


This is like a GOP catch phrase. Clearly it’s better to lie and say they’re poorly informed and bad at their job then it is to state their position.

If I tried to sell you something and when you asked for details about it, I just said I don’t know anything about what I’m selling you, how would that ever be close to a good thing?


Stop acting like Republican politicians are just a bunch of dumb hicks. They aren’t. Most of them are highly educated and intelligent. What they’re doing isn’t a result of stupidity. It’s a result of being fascists. Do you really think Nancy Mace wasn’t aware of the allegations against Jim Jordan? Come on. She was the first woman to graduate from the Citadel’s corps of cadets. She has a degree in business administration. She has a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Georgia. She’s personally experienced sexual assault, has written about the experience, and has been an advocate for stronger laws dealing with sexual assault. That she is unaware of Jim Jordan’s history is not credible. She is absolutely playing dumb here. God, I wish the problem was that all of these people were just dumb. They’d be a lot easier to defeat if that were the case.


And yet they’re the ones that love to accuse us liberals of being the groomers.

Every accusation is a confession with these people.


Personally, I think she’s the dark horse here. I think Scalise and Jordan destroy each other and neither can get a majority of the Republican Conference. That leaves them scrambling to get someone else, and she’s in leadership and quite the Trumper, so she’ll be seen as a safe caretaker by both sides in the Republican Conference.

Her behavior and the behavior of the ReThugliKKKlanners says otherwise.

They may be book-learning smart, but they are ignorant assholes who don’t care about anyone but themselves - and THAT makes them stupid.

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Hard to illuminate any specific behavior as distinct when the party is generally sadistic.

Made a slight change for accuracy.

I am not familiar with every single elected official in the entire country, so I didn’t want to say that. I suppose it’s possible that there’s a dog catcher somewhere. But I agree that anyone still a member of the GOP at this point is immediately suspect.


i think recognizing them as bigots, christian nationalists, white supremacists, and fascists is more to the point than stupid or dumb.

they’re using their intelligence to get what they want – essentially gilead – and the fact they hold so much power in this country shows that they’re doing it well.

people regularly want to blame groups like rural or suburban whites as being too dumb to vote in their own interests, or too dumb to understand what’s going on. and people regularly say the same about the gop leadership. but that’s not the situation at all.

they know what they are doing through and through


That photo at the top.

Have the Midwich Cuckoos gone brunette?

They watched Trump get away with it, when he pretended he didn’t know who David Duke or the Proud Boys were. To say nothing of Nancy Mace being an alleged supporter of survivors of sexual assault, while campaigning to be the VP for a sexual assailant.

While I agree with your idea, I think that social and emotional intelligence is more than needed - and they do not have it.