Nancy Pelosi: 'What does Putin have on Trump, politically, personally or financially?'

It’s wrong to see Kompromat as blackmail material. It’s more subtle than that. Putin knowing Trump’s secrets makes Trump more friendly, more trusting of him. Trump thinks Putin is his confidant. You get more by making the other party want to do things for you instead of forcing them to do things for you.


Hell, ongoing business interests in Russia. He’s wanted to do a Moscow tower for a long, long time. He’s still hoping for that, even if he isn’t actively working on the deal now (and for all we know, he could still be). Despite promising the Trump organization wouldn’t do any new foreign deals while he was in office, reportedly they essentially still are. Apparently they’ve been working out new deals with the intention of waiting until after his term to actually sign them. (Which is frankly a worse conflict of interest than doing the deals now - he’s beholden to these foreign interests for the rest of his presidency, incentivized to keep them sweet so that the deals will still be there when he’s out of office.) I’m sure something similar is going on with Russia. He wants to be their friend - he wants a giant Moscow tower with his name on it.

Given that both of these are only slightly off from what we already know he’s done… (walking into the dressing rooms of underage beauty contestants, having sex with porn actresses he told reminded him of his daughter) I’d be surprised if they weren’t true. Whether Putin has documentation is another issue - and I suspect he doesn’t (as it probably happened too long ago, and in the US).

Trump’s talked about partying with Epstein, and what a great guy he is, and how much Epstein likes the ladies - with Trump making a point of saying that Epstein liked them “younger” than he did. So Trump at least knew what was going on.

Well, he might not be ashamed - just unwilling to air it because he’s aware that it subjects him to serious legal jeopardy. That seems more likely. Trump’s not really a “shame” guy.

Given Trump’s history of publicly perving on female children, if something like that comes out, it’ll involve a girl, alive or dead. (Though I lean towards alive; it’s not like guys like Trump feel the need to bump off any child they molest - they know they’re untouchable. Though I could see Trump accidentally supplying someone with fatal quantities of cocaine. Stories of his parties in the '80s for business associates involved Trump supplying both young women/girls and cocaine.)

Honestly, at this point I think that’s a given. We know Trump’s been money laundering for Russians, and it’s unlikely Putin doesn’t have receipts. The question is whether Putin holds this over Trump, or Trump just sees his interests as coinciding with Putin’s as a result of his business.

True, but whatever happens next go-around, it won’t be any different. The Democrats can’t give Trump what he wants, for several reasons. One, giving in to his blackmail will just ensure he does it again. Two, Trump’s a liar who breaks deals, constantly. I mean, he said he’d originally sign the budget that kicked off this whole thing, but changed his mind when Coulter and Limbaugh got salty. Actually making a deal with him would mean compromising (i.e. politically hurting themselves) for something Trump could (and likely would) renege on at the last minute. Trump has literally put himself in a position where no one in their right mind would contemplate negotiating with him.
So we might have another shut down, but it still won’t get him his wall. More likely, Trump will try to use emergency powers, and it won’t go well for him.


Thank you. That was a lovely video.

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Never, EVER forget the the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, was a Vice-Chairman of the Bank of Cyprus.


I don’t think it’s ever been off the table. A lot of people think it’s a bad idea because the Clinton impeachment backfired. But the two cases are light-years apart.


I really can’t believe that isn’t more of a scandal.

Oh this guy used to run a foriegn bank suspected of being one of the places that launders money for the world’s despots.

Totally normal to appoint him to a cabinet level position!


Also the reason reputation-polishing and anonymity-promoting companies exist. They don’t want us to be able to create a trail of breadcrumbs.


You know, maybe this IS the solution? Given that she’s third in line, if Trump AND Pence can be impeached for connections to Russia, that catapults a Democrat into the White House immediately. No worries about a religious fanatic like Pence suddenly becoming our President.

Unlikely to happen, but damn, wouldn’t it be fine?


An aside (and not a criticism, just an important distinction so we don’t dilute the meaning of criminal acts) - you can’t “have sex” with an underage, that particular interaction is simply rape.

If that’s the tape, he’s well and truly fucked. And deservedly so.


Meh. Always use it if it’s necessary to avoid ambiguity. Otherwise it’s just visual noise.

No - there’s no shame Donnie would care about.

It’s something that would put him in prison- and his greed. He still thinks Vlad will give him a payday if he plays ball.


attempt by top Trump campaign officials to influence the 2016 election and subvert the will of the American people

The struck out words are not just superfluous, they are what any candidate’s campaign officials are supposed to do. Maybe an adjective such as “criminally” ought to have been inserted before “influence”.

What Putin has on Trump, if anything, is almost certainly financial in nature. But probably he has never had to mention it or ever refer to it, however, obliquely. The orange idiot is sufficiently dumb to actually think most of his utterances are legit wisdom, and Putin simply cannot believe his luck.


Sorry I’ll edit my post you are correct.

A former staffer on Celebrity Apprentice and Miss Teen Universe has recently been making noise about breaking his NDA to talk about what it was like dealing with Trump behind the scenes. Grain of salt, obvs, but still: “Miss Teen Universe? That’s like giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show. He would line up the girls on the side of the stage and he would inspect them, literally. He would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth. I’m not kidding. This is true. He’d line 'em up like they were pieces of meat. He’d be like ‘You, you, and you. If you want to win, I’m in the penthouse suite. Come and see me.’”


Just like inspecting a horse – or a slave.

And this backs up speculation earlier in the thread::

McDonald’s, chocolate ice cream, and girls that look like Ivanka are all he ever eats.


Don’t be ridiculous; ever performing any act that actually pleasures a woman is unlikely as fuck for 45, no matter how much she may look like his daughter.


But performing one badly would be entirely in character. Imagine a horse eating an apple.

Or maybe it’s better if you don’t. I wish I hadn’t.


It must be a doozy, considering everything we already know, and which he and his base just shrug off.

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