Behavioural power dynamics

Between his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, his penchant for unannounced inspections of teenage girls’ locker rooms and his longtime sexual obsession with his own daughter I’d be legitimately surprised if Trump didn’t have something along those lines lurking in his past.


Oh, I am pretty goddamn certain of it. We needn’t have photographs of him doing it to convict him in the court of public opinion. The pattern is there.


And there are plenty of people who’d defend it because they see being attracted to young women under the age of consent as “normal” in a man… Fucking gross, but sadly true. The reality is that they’re afraid of a relationship with someone their own age because they have a harder time controlling them. It’s a power trip to control others.


Italy had their own version of Trump a few years back and yes, that’s exactly what happened.


Something I’ve seen as well. Women their own age are “Bitches”.

Another factor: I remember the 30 year olds who would date my female classmates when I was a college freshmen. I had no particular opinion of them back then, but now, remembering all those dudes. They were losers. Scoring women because they had an apartment and a car and sometimes a job.


You just defined the R Kelly Syndrome, in a nutshell.


I agree, in many cases this is exactly true.

That being said, IMHO, generalizing or stereotyping the reasons that group A chooses to court group B risks overlooking some of the other issues that lead to this sort of behaviour, so one has to take care in doing so. In my experience human behaviour is complex and we risk polarizing discussions one-dimensionally if we begin assuming “anyone who’s done X is Y”, especially when it comes to human behaviour.

That being said, I have no doubt at all that there are a large proportion of individuals who do exhibit exactly this behaviour for exactly these reasons. IMO anyone engaging in behaviour that they enjoy because, in whole or in part, it gives them a measure of control over others, should seriously re-evaluate their choices. I also believe that a large part of that behaviour is, in large part, due to folks not admitting to themselves that such power dynamics are, in fact, why they made those choices in the first place.


Maybe. I’m generally not talking about differences in ages between consenting adults, though. I’m talking about men who are over the age of 30 going after underaged teen girls, so people who are not able to legally consent.

Agreed, but we also live in a culture that promotes that in various ways.

Sure, but when it comes to sex with underage minors, does it matter if they admit that to themselves or not? Seems to me that protecting people from exploitation should take precedence over establishing motive of the perpetrator.

I get what you’re saying, especially when it comes to perfectly legal may-december romances, but when it comes to the underage, what we ALL know is illegal, then there is very little that can mitigate that, I’d argue.


“The fact that Epstein is free today is a reminder that the American justice system has long been all too willing to ignore the words of girls and women, especially when they accuse a wealthy and influential man. It’s a reminder that those with enough money and connections, from Epstein to Harvey Weinstein, can often manipulate the legal system to serve their own ends. And it shows how one powerful person can protect not just himself but anyone who might be connected to him, all while exploiting those who are powerless.” -Vox

And then there is Mr Acosta:

“Acosta, who helped Epstein serve his time in an office rather than a prison cell — and measure it in months, not years — oversees Trump’s Labor Department, which is responsible for, among other things, preventing human trafficking. There is no evidence that any of the powerful men accused of abusing girls along with Epstein have ever been prosecuted.”

Pics like the one below are even more disturbing when looked at through the trump-Epstein-Acosta filter:

Evidence of underage prostitution and cover up would help explain Putin’s power dynamics over trump which would clearly affect trump’s behavior in ways that we are seeing before our very eyes. Nothing else seems to bother trump but this, this might be what scares him the most.


The most common tension or anger causing issues I’ve ever seen in the workplace is when people (any gender) get frustrated by the fact that they cannot control a co-worker or subordinate. It’s interesting when the control issue(s) go away how quickly things return to normal. For example setting expectations or redefining work relationships via shuffling the hierarchy or changing job descriptions.


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