Narcissism powers activate!


So it looks like the “Download your entire posting history” button has been activated. (profile section, under “messages”)

Now we can grab an offline archive of our wit and wisdom before the DPYLD strikes. Not that we were going to provoke him in any case, oh no.

And it would appear that some very interesting data is included in the results.


Not in mine.
What a load of crap I’ve posted. :laughing:


mine seem to be a mixture of crap, mediocrity, and excellence. none of mine have hit the “great post” level but i had one good post and a multitude of nice posts. only a couple of them are really embarrassments to me :wink:


interesting feature

depressing insight


Yes! Feedbacks on this feature welcome!

Your data belongs to you. That’s the idea behind Discourse. Both at the individual user level, and at the site level.


What a handy textual method of keeping track of one’s mood swings and/or drinking patterns.


Word to the wise: your deleted posts will show up in your export, so if you need access to them, this is the way.


Wow, that’s super clever and thoughtful. I’m sure mods and admins everywhere will appreciate it, as it shuts down a whole avenue of complaints.


I still struggle to understand the benefit of this superpower


Yay, now I can read all my one-line attempts at wittiness all in one place.

And wonder what the fahk I’m doing with my time.


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