NASA honors Nimoy


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The obvious fashion disasters aside, I have always loved this picture. The shuttle in question was used only for glide tests; it was named “Enterprise” due to a letter-writing campaign by Trek fans.

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From what I’ve hard, it was originally planed to be refitted with thermal tiles and whatnot so it could be used as the first shuttle, but some last-minute design changes meant they decided converting Enterprise would be too expensive.

They considered converting it again after the Challenger disaster (Rockwell also offered to cut them a deal and build them two new Shuttles for the price of one), but again NASA had to make the decision based on cost grounds and instead had Rockwell build Endeavor out of structural spares they had for Discovery and Atlantis.


You say [quote=“Bemopolis, post:2, topic:52773”]
obvious fashion disasters

I say, Don’t be afraid of the Future.

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My favorite NASA tribute so far: astronaut Terry Virts giving the Vulcan salute over the Massachusetts coastline (where Nimoy was born).

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