Nathan Fillion plays Nathan Drake in this awesome Uncharted fan film

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I’m not nearly the gamer I once was, and this post was the first time I’d even heard of Uncharted. But now I want to play it, and I really want the feature-length movie to get made so I can watch it too (I realize that’s unlikely to happen.) Fun watch, and very very well-made.


This is really good but calling it a fan film is a bit of a stretch. I mean Fillion is is credited as a producer if you check out the imdb. Also why didn’t they hire Emily Rose to play Elena?

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the Uncharted games play so much like feature films already that a movie adaptation seems moot - it would be just like another game in the series, but with no interaction, which i might find frustrating. however, watching Nathan Fillion play that character for a couple hours might make up for it.

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