National Geographic and Mattel proudly present 'Photojournalist Barbie'

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Barbie may be one of the greatest polymaths of our time!

I just took another look at the list and noticed she’s even dipped into crime once, as a cat burglar. Wow.


Fitting that the outfit for the female doll whose uniform requires pockets doesn’t actually have pockets…


This same NatGeo line of dolls has an astrophysicist Barbie with a huge telescope and a chart and I almost bought one for my daughter. Astrophysicist Barbie doesn’t seem to come with any stars as pets.


From McDonald’s cashier in 1983 to US President in 2000.


Yeah, I was unimpressed once I saw that the pockets are just printed on. I mean even fake patch pockets would be an improvement.

That’s done so you can make a killing selling Barbie Aftermarket Upgrade kits! :money_mouth_face:


Also in the package are three “Trumper Ken” dolls who harass her and call her Enemy of the State.


Its true. You even was the leader of a mayor nation at one point:


National Geographic, huh? I guess they haven’t noticed that it’s slowly becoming the WeeklyWorldNews with color.

I’m sure Barbie saw the vest online, ordered it, and then d’oh! The curse of women’s clothing and our fake or tiny, useless pockets struck her - she had ordered a fashion vest instead of the functional one she had thought she was ordering.

maybe but national geographic is now in rupert murdoch’s hands, first thing he did was claim it would be business as usual then promptly let go of all the senior staff. national geographic was massive funder of climate change research. I’m not sure where that sits now as murdoch like trump is a climate change denier.


But is this limited run, only available from the National Geographic store?

My impression of the specialty GI Joes from the sixties, like the Mountie, is they weren’t available at regular stores. I think I onky saw the Mountie GI Joe was at “Man and His World”, Expo 67 when it was extended as an annual event.

THey have found some 1970s Big Jim’s accessories in a corner of a warehouse and need to sell them.

Where is all the anti-gun outrage over the “boy” versions? I think they’re both a little off so I won’t be buying them for my kiddos but if one is going to critique excessive “feminine” characteristics, should that follow suit for the “dude” version?

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