National Guard helicopter, seven cop vehicles sent to warrantlessly seize a single marijuana plant from an 81-year-old Massachusetts grandmother


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There are three colleges in Amherst. One of them is Shaggy Hampshire, another is Scooby the UMass flagship campus.

I can think of a dozen places people grew weed outside when I was around there, and that was a fraction of the indoor operations.

The irony here is that within 2 years there will be a recreational dispensary on North Pleasant Street. Hopefully near Antonio’s.


That sounds like they was using up a whole lot of cop equipment. I hope they at least got plenty of 8x10 color glossy photos with circles and arrows on them.


Don’t blame me- I voted Yes on Question #4 in Mass. (that’s for the legalization of pot).

Let granny get mellow.


Good. Remember, it’s a Gateway Drug… If we let her get away with growing a marihuana plant, next she’ll be growing crack!


Just so happy it all turned out so well.

[note sarcasm]


Crack? Pfffft. Don’t you know that pot is the gateway to heroin? Gramma’s gonna be growin’ poppies!



It sounds like the son gave permission. So they didn’t need a warrant. It’s that simple. I don’t think they should be wasting time and money on this stuff but if you give the police permission to search your house - they don’t need a warrant.


Looks like cannabis will be completely legal in California, soon. State by state, propositions and state laws will hopefully render bullshit like this a thing of the past.

In this case, they rather implied they had a warrant, and the son, not being a resident or owner of the property, presumably told them this wasn’t his home and therefore they were aware he wasn’t legally able to give them permission.


Sadly, bullying and intimidation instead of getting a warrant is far too legal.


LOL - don’t they have work to do? One police unit could have done this job.

Also, don’t drive around rural Kansas and other places you could spend all day pulling up literal weeds. And Giant Ragweed if you don’t know your plants very well.


Where’s Posse Comitatus when you need it? This isn’t just militarized police, this is the military being deployed against the people. I know it’s nothing new, but it should be mentioned every time rights are violated.

Also, hold the responsible parties to task for this. According to the article it was nicely bipartisan with the Massachusetts State Police (Superintendent appointed by the Republican governor) and the US Department of Justice, who report to the US Attorney General, appointed by the President. Neither party cares about the people and both seem equally willing to send soldiers against the people of the United States.

Republicans, isn’t this exactly what you fear will happen with “Big Government”?
Democrats, Is this really the way you want to handle drug laws? Soldiers and SWAT teams for a pot plant?

Write your representatives about this, Take them to task for betraying the values they proclaim.


For people who don’t get this reference -

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This is why, if the police ever want to talk to you, you do NOT GO TO THE STATION. They have cars, they can come to your front door and talk to you, You won’t placate or annoy them either way, so don’t hand over any rights by entering that building,


I expect it’s only a matter of time before drones equipped with tanks of Agent Orange will start making the rounds.


Aren’t we three weeks early for this?

Never mind, it’s never too early for Alice’s Restaurant.


is that Trumps FBI code name?



My cousin went to Daphne Mt. Holyoke.