National Museum of American History wants your tales of 2020 for a time capsule

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My wife was talking about people anxious to burn their masks when this is all over.

These masks were symbols of those people who wanted to help protect their fellow Americans. I wear mine with pride and gratitude. That even people who wear them think they are somehow a horrific and detestable burden just shows how deeply broken and easily controlled by Vladimir Putin we are.

As for what will make me think of these times: it will be mostly the stuff of nightmares, not one small token of decency barely visible in the rising tide of imbecility and hate.


After yesterday I’d forgotten all about 2020.


My tales would be all about the deaths…the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US that could’ve been prevented, and the six losses I’ve experienced personally. I hope future generations will be taught well to avoid a repeat of the political and personal choices that led to the social, economic, and government clusterf*ck we find ourselves in now.



I think the scent of hand sanitizer will forever take me back to 2020.


The anger at people casually strolling about in public without a mask or making any attempt to social distance.
Also, painter’s tape in an X on the ground.
@Mercenary_Garage: I always vaguely thought hand sanitizer was for people who were germophobes or too lazy to wash hands. Not any more. :cry:


Not leaving the house (except to take the garbage to the street) more than about 7 times.


You’re lucky. The only stuff we could buy had all been obviously made in a Tequila distillery. Ugh.


I’m collecting things I can use to make quilts, and am thinking of using the masks once they are no longer needed to make a kind of memorial quilt to 2020 – “Never again!”


Well, there’s a lot of talk about starting to use them for everything, as they do in much of Asia. Covid isn’t the flu, but the flu still kills lots of people. Imagine if we could cut that down by just putting on a mask whenever you have the sniffles and you need to go out.

So you aren’t a fan of Terrorvision?


Everyone has a tequila story about how they couldn’t drink tequila after X until…

Mine involves a pretty girl, four hours on an unventilated bus in a third world country without emissions standards and ends with me being slowly covered in ejecta near the crater rim of an active volcano.

We’re working on 30 years now, and I still get queasy when someone opens a bottle near me.


Better keep it digital. Can you imagine if they open a pandemic time capsule in a hundred years and re-infect everyone?

If only there were video sharing websites and social media platforms that contained digital records of people’s thoughts and images during the past year, which the NMAH could peruse for source material.

My submission. It’s a short story filled with passion.

Put a piece of (Ridulial crystal) paper in it with the RNA sequence of SARS-CoV-2.

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