More fun Trump-era parodies with "Ghost Donald in the Sky" and bonus tracks

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Here’s one of mine from last month:

COVFEFEVIRUS RAG (ttto: Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag by Country Joe & the Fish)

Well, come on, ladies, kids, and men:
Dumbass Don’s dropped the ball again,
Endangering folks like me and you,
Empowerin’ covfefe flu,
So pack up your lives ‘n’ put on a mask–
We’re lookin’ at our biggest task!

And it’s one, two, three, what’re we dyin’ for?
Don’t touch me, I gotta keep clean!
Next stop is quarantine.
And it’s five, six, seven, keep your distance, guy!
Maybe you don’t have a clue, but WHOOPS! I don’t wanna die.

Hey, Senate Gops you’re moving fast.
Don’t dare dump those doomed stocks last!
Gotta pick up more drug shares now;
Folks’ll pay for their meds somehow,
And a crisis like this is the time to act
To keep your ol’ wallet packed!

And it’s one, two, three…

Well, come on, FEMA, don’t be late!
It’s time to step right to that plate,
And deny requests from states of blue
That don’t kowtow to You-Know-Who,
And if they find supplies somehow
Jump in there an’ grab 'em now!

And it’s one, two, three…

Come on, deniers across the land:
Touch someone with your ungloved hand.
Come on, churches, don’t hesitate:
Infect your flocks, before it’s too late.
You know they’re all as dumb as rocks:
So quarantine 'em in a box!

And it’s one, two, three…

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