National Response Center: now THAT's a logo




Not very well aligned at the bottom. Is that real?


I dunno. . . could use some vampires, I think. Or a dinosaur.


What kind of hazard does the hex at 9:00 represent?


What’s the “vational response center”? And, think of the money they saved on design by adding this to logo to their areas of expertise!


Plus a zombie and an innocent child not reading the Bible.


Pepsi leakage.


Protecting America from skeletons with downs syndrome, nuclear energy, pepsisplosions, bad hair days, licorice plants that jump into your awaiting hand, 1980’s-era heavy metal band Biohazard, and misaligned typography.

The NRC: your most essential resource.


Pepsisplosions FTW!!!


It is “real”, in that it wasn’t created as a joke or hoax, but I couldn’t find it used anywhere except by the Coast Guard. I don’t think it’s anything official, but just something cobbled together to use on their website, as a bullet-point image.


“Sorry Hawaii, Alaska. You guys are on your own. Yeah, yeah, we know it says ‘national’, but you’re still on your own.”


Down’s Syndrome Skeleton. That’s so mean it’s twice as funny.


I think the message is “We’re juggling so many flaming balls that we don’t even have time to doublecheck our logo. You can bet we don’t have time to consult with a lawyer so give us an f’in break already”


Humankind’s oldest and most fearsome enemy: the sun.


Love the R in the center hex.

the 9 hex of coronal discharge is rather forward thinking. That’s the collapse of the electrical grid due to solar activity.


It’s never fun when somebody etches their finger off with a beaker of acid, but I’m not sure it really merits a Central National Response.

On the other hand, I am even now writing my congressperson demanding that they increase funding to to protect America from Pepsi Dawn.


Also Guam, Puerto Rico and Pine Gap.


Looks like a game of Settlers of Catan gone horribly, horribly wrong…


What’s the one underneath it? I’m assuming that it indicates some sort of nunchuck-weilding ninja response to panhandlers.


A plant with a microphone flower with a guide for how to hold a baton.

Plus, at 3 o’clock we have a drum set on fire.